Infant and Child Development Services Peel

Early Intervention

Early Intervention services are designed to serve infants and young children who are at risk for developmental delay and their families. The target populations include:
• established risk (diagnosed disorder);
• biological risk (early events which may affect an infant's development); and
• psychosocial risk (environmental factors which may accompany and impact established or biological risk)

Our early intervention services are provided using a family-centred approach.“Family-centred service recognizes that each family is unique; that the family is the constant in the child’s life; and that they are the experts on the child’s abilities and needs; and the strengths and needs of the family member are considered.” Parents choose goals and objectives with the support of an Infant and Child Development Consultant.

Services may include:

Screening & Assessment
To monitor a child’s overall development
To look at child’s strengths and needs
To provide verbal and written letters or reports to parents and other service providers with parental consent
Child care consultation in the child care setting for children under 2 years of age
To plan for transition to school

Service Coordination
To help families access needed  supports and services
To clarify roles and responsibilities when families are involved with multiple service providers
To collaborate with community partners
Discharge planning

Preterm Services
Preterm Care Pathways are defined based on identified child risk factors for children born under 35 weeks gestation.
Services may include:   
Monthly consultation clinic
Regular developmental screenings
Helpline available for information and support.  Call 905-564-7485, ext. 302

Peel Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Clinical Services
ICDSP is part of a group of agencies that provide diagnostic assessments for children with prenatal exposure to alcohol
Follow-up and intervention as indicated

Information and support
Family networking groups and events for parents of children with Down Syndrome
Development-focused parent education sessions
Community education workshops

Toy, Equipment, Video and Book library
Educational toys and learning materials  appropriate to child’s stage of development
Adaptive seating and therapy equipment 
Books, DVDs, and CDs on topics of interest to families

Discharge Planning
To continue to meet the needs of your child, after our services Infant and Child Development Services Peel may facilitate referral(s) to other community programs to support their on-going developmental needs


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